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Library Committee


The Library Committee exists to support educational programs through research into areas such as core competencies and trends in the delivery of education, and to recommend the development of programs focused on emerging topics of interest and concern to the library community. In addition to the goals and objectives, the committee shall also explore the following:

  • To encourage and promote competencies as a base for development of training within the organization and to adapt and use them for staff and library development.
  • To conduct a comprehensive survey of how the students are using the core competencies and their awareness of them.

Functions of Library Committee:

  • The library committee is responsible for the proper maintenance of the college library.
  • The convener is responsible for properly administrating the library grants in consultation with the Library Committee.
  • The committee with the consultation of the Principal will allot funds to the various subject departments of the college.
  • The committee shall frame the rules and get the approval of the Principal regarding the issue of the books, time limit for return of books and number of books to be issued to students and staff.
  • The committee in consultation with the Principal will fix the fine to be collected from the students for late returning, damaging, bad condition, tearing papers, losing the book(s) etc.
  • The committee is accountable to the Principal regarding all the matters concerning the library.
  • The committee should oversee that every student and staff member should surrender the book collected from the library before the final examinations. Hall-tickets shall be issued only after getting the NOC from the library by the student.


Members of Library Committee:






1.Dr. B. S. B. ReddyPrincipalChairman
2.Mr. K. Showri BabuLibrarianConvener
3Mr. B. Anil KumarAsst. LibrarianCoordinator
4Dr. M. Satish KumarProfessor, CEMember
5Dr. K. HarikrishnaProfessor, EEEMember
6Mr. V. Nageswara RaoAssoc. Prof., MEMember
7Dr. B. AnandkrishnaProfessor, ECEMember
8Dr. Md. Umar KhanProfessor, CSEMember
9Dr. S. Rama Krishna ReddyProfessor, S&HMember
10Mr. J. Veera KumarAsst.Prof., S&HMember