NBA Has Granted 3 Years Accreditation For Four UG Programs: B.Tech. (CSE, ECE, EEE, MECH)

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee:


The Institution has been organizing various extracurricular activities in the name of cultural clubs and NSS for the overall development of students.
Cultural Clubs: KHIT has several cultural clubs. The Students can be members of any club according to interest. A slot is allotted for the activities of the club every week. The faculty members and the experts from outside will act as resource persons in these respective clubs.
NSS Committee: The Program Officer is one of the important person in NSS Organization, he/she plays a pivotal role and is responsible for the organization of NSS Unit, implementation of NSS Program under the supervision and direction of Chairman and Principal of the College. He will be responsible to carry out the instructions issued by the Program Co-ordinator of the University. NSS Regional Centre and State Liaison Officer for the implementation of NSS activities as per the Action Plan given by the Program Coordinator, the Program Officer plays the role of an organizer, an educator, as a motivator, a coordinator, a supervisor, an administrator, and public relation officer to improve the quality and magnitude of NSS Programs in their institutions/ colleges. His/her functions can be stated as under.
As an Organizer:

  • To interpret the scheme to the students / volunteers and other members of the college community and create awareness about the NSS Programs.
  • To provide information about NSS motto, aims and objectives, philosophy and activities.
  • To enlist cooperation and coordination of community agencies, government departments and non-governmental agencies.
  • To select or adopt a village/slum for service projects on the basis of utility and feasibility.

As an Administrator:
  • He is to keep the Principal or the Chairman of NSS, College Advisory Committee and the Program Coordinator of the University informed of the University informed of the programs of the Unit.
  • To run day-to-day administration of the programs.
  • To attend correspondence regularly between college and university.
  • To prepare a progress report periodically for submission to the college and the university.
  • To maintain a record of volunteer participation and programs undertaken.
  • To keep accounts and stock in the prescribed forms.


Members of NSS Committee:






1.Dr. B. S. B. ReddyPrincipalChairman
2.Mr. D. SrinivasuluAsso. Prof, MEProgram Officer
3.Ch. SamsonuAsso. Prof, CSEMember
4.Prof. Kodali SrinivasProfessor, CEMember
5.Mr. P. P. SharmaAsst. Prof, EEEMember
6.Mr. G. RajuAsso. Prof, MEMember
7.Mr. J. Ravi ShankarAsso. Prof, ECEMember
8.Mr. P. LaxmikanthAsso. Prof, CSEMember
9.Mrs. V. RevathiAsso. Prof, S & HMember