NBA Has Granted 3 Years Accreditation For Four UG Programs: B.Tech. (CSE, ECE, EEE, MECH)



Academic Year 2016-17

S.NO Project Title
1 Doubly Fed Induction Generator For Wind Energy Conversion Systems With Integrated Active Filter Capabilities
2 Design Of Optimal State Feed Back Controller For Multi-Area Deregulated Hydro-Thermal Power System
3 A New Approach For Elimination Of Harmonic In Square Wave Inverter For Medium Voltage Applications
4 Open-Circuit Fault-Tolerant Control For Outer Switches Of Three-Level Rectifiers In Wind Turbine Systems
5 Solar Pv Array Fed Brushless Dc Motor Driven Water Pump
6 Comparative Analysis Of 2-Level And Multi-Level Inverter Fed Coupled Induction Motor Drives Based On V/F And Dtc Techniques
7 Performance Of Three Phase 11-Level Inverter With Reduced Number Of SwitchesUsingDifferentPwm Techniques
8 An Adjustable Speed Pfc Bridge Less Buck-Boost Converter Fed Bldc Motor Drive
9 New Control Strategy For Hybrid- Statcom With Wide Compensation Range And Low Dc-Link Voltage
10 Reduced Cost Of Reactive Power In Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbine Systemwith Optimized Grid Filter
11 Performance Of The Dpfc Before And During Series Converter Failure


Academic Year 2015-16

S.NO Project Title
1 Power conditioning using dynamic voltage restorers under different voltage sag types
2 Integration of wind power and wave power generation systems using a DC Microgrid.
3 A nine level Grid connected converter topology for single phase transformer less PV System.
4 Modeling of multi terminal VSC HVDC systems with distributed DC voltage control.
5 An improved iUPQC controller provide additional grid regulation as a STATCOM.
6 Aquadtwolevelinverter configuration for four pole induction motor drive with single DC link.
7 Grid Voltage Synchronization Distributed Generation systems under grid fault conditions.


Academic Year 2014-15

S.NO Project Title
1 Robust partial Feedback Linear zing Stabilization Scheme for Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems
2 An Auto Ground System for Anti- Islanding Protection of Distributed Generation
3 Decoupled Active and Reactive Power Control for Large Scale Grid Connected PV System Cascaded Modular Multilevel Converters
4 A New Approach For Battery Energy Management applied in Electric Vehicles by Using a Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter


Academic Year 2013-14

S.NO Project Title
1 A Novel Technique for Shunt Active Filter in Integrated DG System using PQ Theory with ANN Technique
2 A Novel Technique for Reducing the Fault Current and Over Voltage in Electrical Power Distributed System and Enhancing the Security Through An Active type SFCL
3 Optimization and Simulation of Electric Ship with low Voltage DC Hybrid Power System
4 Enhancement of Power Quality by Dynamic Voltage Restorer usin SRF Theory under Unbalanced and Non-Linear Loads
5 Modeling and Simulation of a Hybrid Wind-PhotoVoltaic Battery System
6 Modeling and Simulation of a Renewable Energy Resources Using Power Converter with Unified Control Strategy